For Psychotherapists

For other Mental Health Professionals, I offer three additional services.

Psychotherapy Group for Mental Health Professionals

This is a psychotherapy group in which all of the members are psychotherapists. It is open to master’s level therapists, psychiatrists, and psychologists. This “Modern Group” uses a “here-and-now” focus on Progressive Emotional Communication to surmount interpersonal barriers, facilitate personal and professional growth, and promote symptom relief. This is a good “working group.” While professionally helpful, this is a personal therapy group and not a consultation group per se.


For those professionals who have not yet acquired certification or licensure to practice independently, I am an approved supervisor by the State of Washington. In this capacity I share legal responsibility with the supervisee for their work. While meeting each supervisee at his or her skill level, I am interested in

  • mechanics of practice (note taking, record keeping, billing)
  • marketing
  • professional confidence
  • particularly difficult, “circling” cases
  • individual/couples/group psychotherapies
  • utilizing the relationship between therapist and patient therapeutically


For professionals who are certified or licensed to practice independently, I provide consultation. Unlike in supervision, the consultee maintains the ultimate legal and thereby decision-making responsibility for their work. I am interested in focusing on any of the items listed above under “Supervision”, and am happy to consult on a one-time or an on-going basis.

Dr. Mark Michael, Ph.D.
Mark Michael, Ph.D.