In all forms of psychotherapy, I take a direct and active role in contributing to our work according to your needs.

Individual Psychotherapy

In individual therapy, where only you and I meet, we begin with an assessment and description of your life and your reasons for being here. Then, I take a two-pronged approach. I am interested in whatever pain or struggles have brought you in, and as we discuss those I will offer whatever assistance/suggestions/treatment plans I can. At the same time, we will be slowly building our relationship, so that we can allow any hurdles to emotional intimacy to develop between us, where they may be directly experienced and addressed.

Couples Psychotherapy

In couples therapy, where you, your partner, and myself meet, we begin with an initial assessment and description of your relationship (from both of your perspectives) and relationship histories. Then I will encourage you to talk with each other about your problems and struggles and any disturbing recent events. I deem it my responsibility to equally appreciate each of you, and to interject with comments about how you might do things differently, stop you at times, encourage you at other times, and provide instruction as well.

Group Psychotherapy

In group therapy, a patient participates with a group (6-8) of patients. Groups meet weekly for 90 minutes. Growth and symptom relief is accomplished through the preferred activities of

  • engaging in the exchange of flash thoughts, fantasies, and feelings with other members
  • telling the meaningful story of his/her life, past, present, and future
  • understanding each other and explaining what they are understanding

Dr. Mark Michael, Ph.D.
Mark Michael, Ph.D.